Nutrition 101: Fats

If you were around during the 1990’s, you should remember the low-fat/high-carb dietary fad that swept across the United States. Shelves were packed with “reduced fat” chips, cookies, and crackers, and while we have come along way in nutritional knowledge to know that these food items are not actually healthy for you, the public’s perception of all fat being unhealthy has still remained. Research has shown that certain types of dietary fat can improve our health, including the function and development of the brain, and lower our risk for certain diseases, including heart disease.

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Nutritional Advice from Laury for Mother’s Day!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Laury, our holistic nutritionst is sending over her sound nutritional advice along with the happy holiday wishes!’

The Fit in Your Genes program nutritional focus is key to our success. The blood sugar  and hormonal stabilization are important strategies that work in both genders. However, women especially benefit from the normalization of blood sugar. Women are more prone to the issues caused by fluctuating sugar levels due to less lean body mass and higher visceral adiposity as compared to men. Both of these anatomical differences make the impact of blood sugar more prominent. In fact, among diabetic patients with heart issues, women tend to fare far worse than men. So, as you are celebrating, remember that a lot less sugar will give you a lot more health!

Meal Ideas


  • cottage cheese, berries, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, raw veggies
  • scrambled eggs, sauteed greens, sliced avocado
  • oatmeal, whey protein powder, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, nuts, almond milk


  • apple, almond butter
  • hummus, raw veggies
  • hard boiled egg, celery sticks


  • mixed greens salad, avocado, grilled salmon or chicken, pumpkin seeds, olive oil & lemon dressing
  • lentil, cabbage & tomato dal
  • curry chicken salad on bed of mixed greens


  • homemade trail mix
  • orange slices and walnuts
  • healthy protein bar

The Fit in Your Genes Program uses medical foods validated at the Joselyn Diabetes Center (Harvard Medical School) to help our patients with weight loss and sugar control. When used in conjunction with sensible diet, results are truly remarkable. Our regimen includes supplements that help with cravings, and restore energy. Follow our posts, and learn about our exciting developments in addressing weight loss and metabolic issues in women (and, of course, men!).