Current Genetic Research for Heart Arrhythmia

Mineola Cardiologist

Arrhythmia is somewhat of an autological word as it it literally means ‘symptomatic lack of rhythm’. The most rhythmic organ in the human physiology is the heart, which maintains a specific pace in accordance to strength of the organ and stature of the body. When someone is diagnosed with arrhythmia it could describe a variety of abnormalities with a heart’s pace. Any rhythm that is inconsistent with a person’s typical heart rate with no discernible physical cause is attributed to the sinoatrial node which controls the electrical impulse setting the pace of your heart.

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Integrative Cardiac Care for Heart Palpitations

Nassau County Cardiologist

Heart palpitations are feelings of rapid fluttering or pounding that people experience in their heart, but can be felt in the chest, throat, or neck as well. They can be triggered by stress, exercise, medication, or rarely, a medical condition. Heart palpitations can make you feel like your heart is skipping a beat or is beating too fast.  Heart palpitations can happen at any time whether you are being active or at rest.

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